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Celebrating Tamil Congregation's Seventh Anniversary 

August 2023 marked the seventh anniversary of Cornerstone’s Tamil Congregation, a significant milestone for the ministry. Pastors Joel and Sandy Jerome share their reflections on the past year of shepherding this beloved congregation. 


It has been an honour to witness the spiritual growth of our members and the unwavering devotion to God among our leaders and those serving alongside us. This anniversary holds deep significance for us as the number seven symbolises completion.   

Over the past year, with the support of our leaders, we have established unshakable biblical foundations for our church. Guided by the divine Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we started various initiatives and organised conferences addressing various needs within our Tamil community, such as identity, alcohol abuse, broken families, relational struggles, and racial discrimination. Our ultimate desire is for our congregation to shine as a lighthouse, bringing hope and transformation to the larger Tamil community in Singapore. Most of our members are first-generation Christians, and their remarkable growth fills us with joy. Guided by Pastor Joel’s vision rooted in Matthew 5:16, we aspire to be a beacon of hope and transformation in the lives of others. 

As we enter our second year of pastoring, we fervently pray for unprecedented growth and spiritual maturity. Our church embraces Tamil-speaking Singaporeans of all ages, from children to teenagers, from young adults to seasoned elders. This diverse tapestry of individuals reflects the beauty of unity in our congregation, and we are committed to nurturing their spiritual journey.  

In conclusion, the seventh anniversary of the Cornerstone Tamil Congregation is a remarkable milestone in our collective journey. We are grateful for the testimonies we have witnessed over the past year and are eager to see how the Lord will continue to impact lives in the years to come. We trust in God’s grace and faithfulness as we step forward and continue to say “Yes” to His calling. 


A double blessing! 

On 7 December 2013, my wife and I were married in the presence of the Lord. Throughout our journey, God has faithfully provided for us, never leaving us wanting. We had always longed for a child and prayed for this desire to be fulfilled. As our 9th year of marriage approached, doubts started to creep into our hearts. However, in January of last year, our faith was reignited by Pastor Joel’s message about seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness. Inspired, we began dedicating ourselves to early morning prayer and seeking God together. God’s faithfulness shone through our situation, and we received the incredible news of our pregnancy on 19 February 2023. The miracles continued to unfold three months later, we discovered we were expecting twins! It was a double blessing, a double miracle, all in God’s perfect timing.  - Suren & Jessie 


Persevering through family opposition 

Coming from a Hindu family, it was a challenge for me to attend church regularly. My parents and I would argue about Sunday services and ministry involvement. But I persevered, accepting Christ in secondary school. However, I failed to see God at work and questioned my own actions. Realising my mistake of being a “Sunday Christian,” I changed my ways. I started praying fervently, worshipping daily, and reading the Bible to draw closer to God. As I committed more to the church, I faced even more challenges at home, leading to a situation where I was even asked to leave my home. In my lowest moment, I turned to Jesus and my church family who stood with me in prayer and encouragement. God has truly transformed my life over this past year, providing a successful nursing career, recognition, awards, and a scholarship. I also had the opportunity to serve refugees on a fully subsidised trip. Today, my mom is more understanding towards my decision to become a believer, and I believe God hears my prayers. Isaiah 43:2 reminds me that God will be with me through any difficulties. Amen! The Lord is my Shepherd! - Shantini 


Transformed by the Lord 

My name is Waran, but I now go by the name Paul. I grew up in a Hindu family. I made bad choices in my teen years, which led to smoking and alcohol consumption from the age of 14. However, since joining Cornerstone Tamil Fellowship in early 2022, I’ve experienced a transformative journey with God. I accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour, and obeyed God in (going for) water baptism. In February 2023, I had a significant dream where God told me to give up (the consumption of) alcohol. Coincidentally, that day I also read Leviticus chapters 9 and 10, which reinforced God’s message and pushed me to quit drinking completely. Recognising that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, I also decided to quit smoking with the support of my pastors and leaders. My last puff was on  24 June 2023. I’m grateful to God for His strength and thankful to the Cornerstone Tamil Fellowship for their unwavering support. -Paul 


The Lord is my light 

Last year, I went through emotional turmoil due to a challenging relationship. It seemed like I had hit rock bottom and couldn’t envision a way out. Following my mother’s advice, I turned to my pastors and sought their guidance despite being unsure of what to expect. God’s timing was perfect, as they were placed in my life to provide the exact support I needed. They knew how to lift me out of that dark place and direct me towards the loving embrace of the Lord. Each day was a struggle, but through my prayers for strength and encounters with the Holy Spirit, I found the courage to rise above the pain. Currently, I find myself in a space where the Lord is my guiding light. I am blessed to be surrounded by church leaders and pastors who share a deep alignment with Christ. It is my privilege to serve Him and share the same love and grace that I have experienced. -Grace 



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