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He Can Do All Things

Mae Jover shares her testimony of the Lord healing the polyp in her uterus.

After returning from visiting my family back in the Philippines, my period started to first become irregular and then unusually heavy. This brought fear and anxiety to my heart because I had just been through a miscarriage a few months ago, and the sight of the huge blood clots was traumatic. I initially thought this was due to stress or hormonal imbalance, but the bleeding persisted so my husband Edwin and I decided to get it checked in June 2022.

My haemoglobin levels were discovered to be low, and the doctor found a polyp in my uterus after conducting a scan – this was the cause of the bleeding. She advised me to remove the polyp surgically to bring my iron levels back to normal, but I hesitated because I was afraid of going through surgery and worried about the financial cost involved.

In my heart, I also really wanted to contend for healing, so I asked the doctor to give us another month to monitor the situation and to consider if we wanted to go ahead with the procedure.

I prayed for healing and received ministry from my ever-supportive pastors of the Filipino and English congregation.

However, my iron levels continued to be low and the abnormal bleeding was making me increasingly weak. We needed to decide on the operation, so we had it scheduled in two weeks (on

12 September).

God had answered my prayer and sorted out the issues with my health insurance so the financial cost of the operation could be covered, but deep inside me, I really wanted to be healed. I was still hoping for a miracle.

“Nothing is impossible” sometimes feel cliché when you hear it at conferences, but if you are contending for it and can receive it, you will know its reality.

And so, I continued to believe God for healing and contend for it in prayer. Whenever I felt anxious and doubtful, I would listen to the reading of Bible verses and messages concerning healing. I would then claim and receive it by faith.

At one of the Healing and Revival Services, I remember Pastor Dian sharing that the words “nothing is impossible” sometimes feel cliché when you hear it at conferences, but if you are contending for it and can receive it, you will know its reality. Pastor Daphne also put forth a challenge at the same service – “What if the miracle you prayed for did not happen? Would you still believe in God? Would you still trust God?” At that moment, I knew there was a struggle in my heart. It just dawned upon me that I needed to go for inner healing.

I realised that I had lost my trust in Him when I went through my miscarriage. I thought that I had recovered from it and accepted the circumstances, but there were things in my heart that were not settled. There was so much disappointment and fear then, and I needed to be restored from it. While I received prayer from Sister Mabel, I felt some warmth on my body and I just received it by faith.

I recalled a message I heard from Bethel’s Prayer Rooms over YouTube – “to just receive your healing in faith even when you do not feel it instantaneously. It is God’s will to heal us, and we can still receive it even if we feel the same symptoms.” So, I made a decision to choose to receive my healing whenever someone prayed for me.

Once, I experienced painful cramps while working at home. The fear and uncertainty started to creep in again, but I declared in faith that I believe God can heal me, and despite feeling the pain in my abdomen, I knew that God would permit it to be restored. And at that moment I felt a shift – something had changed! I knew I had been truly healed.

What happened next was truly a testament of God at work! During the final check-up just before the operation, my doctor did a scan and could not locate the polyp. “I don’t see any polyp,” were her words. “There is no longer a need for surgery. God has answered your prayers,” she said.

It is God’s will to heal us and we can receive it in faith.

My husband, Edwin, and I were teary-eyed when we heard the amazing news! God indeed healed me of my polyp, and I wanted to keep a documentation of the scan results to remember what He had done.

While the nurse was checking my haemoglobin levels, I was so happy that I kept exclaiming, “my polyp is gone!” She told me I must have prayed. This was a miracle that was only made possible by God alone. Praise Jesus!

I could not stop singing the song, “Never Lost” by Elevation Worship. The lyrics says “You can do all things...’cause You never lost a battle,” and it is the truth that He can do all things.

The three months that I walked through was not easy, but I know that God wanted to heal not only my physical body but also my heart. He wanted to remind me that He is trustworthy. God is good, and He can really heal despite what the medical reports are saying.

Even though this journey was rough, Edwin and I are so grateful for the many pastors, friends, and cell group members who prayed with us and came alongside to encourage us.

The Scripture tells us “nothing is impossible for Him” (1 Luke 1:37). God is faithful, and we have experienced Him as our Healer - our Jehovah Rapha. We are so overwhelmed by the goodness of God. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good! (Psalm 34:8)

All glory to Him!

By: Mae Jover

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