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Miraculously Healed After Bike Accident

Danny Pang, one of our church members in Cornerstone, was on his weekly morning ride with friends when he lost control of his bike and broke his collar bone on 27 Jan 2021.

The group was making their rounds at the Sentosa area that day when Danny’s bike hit a bump and his hands slipped from the handlebar. He was riding at about 40 km/h downslope, and the impact simply threw him off as his bike flipped. Crashing to the ground on his shoulder first, he felt a sharp pain in that area, quickly moving to the side of the road to avoid oncoming cyclists or vehicles.

He sat there for 5 minutes to catch his breath and laid his hand on the right shoulder to pray for healing. “A voice in my head immediately told me that I was a sinner, and I don’t deserve it,” Danny shared. But immediately he told himself that Jesus was broken for our iniquities, and we can claim healing not because of our own righteousness, but by the grace of God.

We can claim healing not because of our own righteousness, but by the grace of God.

After making that short petition to the Lord, he got on his bike and made his way to the end point to meet his buddies. A Grab ride was called, and Danny headed home for a change of clothes before heading to the Changi General Hospital, still in pain.

The first X-ray scan revealed a fracture in his collar bone and ninth rib, and air had leaked into the area between his lungs and chest wall. After a 12-hour wait, the orthopedic specialist advised him to go for an operation for his collar bone so that a plate could be inserted to reduce the displacement. This way, the bones could be joined up for healing. During this time, loved ones and church friends continued to pray.

The next morning, Danny was woken to take another X-ray at 6am to check on his condition. To his surprise, upon reviewing the scan, the doctor told him that he did not need to go for an operation anymore. The bone was miraculously restored and he just needed a sling to hold it in place now and follow up physiotherapy. When he saw the scan results, Danny was indeed shocked that the displacement had reduced so much, and the doctor could not explain what had happened. This was truly a miracle, and we thank God for releasing healing over our brother! To God be the Glory!

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