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School of Prophetic Ministry

In March this year, we launched the School of Prophetic Ministry here in Cornerstone Community Church for the first time.

The first school that is mentioned in the Bible was presided over by the great prophet, Samuel and it was established in a town called Ramah. Ramah became such a portal of God’s glory and presence. The students were called the sons of the prophets and they had an uncanny ability to know the future. They were trained in both foretelling and forth-telling, and that’s what the School of Prophetic Ministry is designed to do — to hone the prophetic gifts in every student’s life.

Cornerstone is a prophetic church and prophecy has to do with more than just going around and giving people words. It has to do with dreams and visions, knowing the mind of God, hearing the voice of God. Pastor Yang shared that the school intends to raise a company of prophetic people, who will go to great depths with the Lord. He also added that if we’re ever going to see revival come, we must break the status quo. The same old, same old cannot cut it any longer. We must be an Upper Room company that will become a flashpoint for revival.

It is God's desire for His children to communicate His heart to one another and to the world.

This year, we were delighted to have a total of 288 participants who successfully completed the first track of the School of Prophetic Ministry, and another 191 who joined us for the second track.

The entire school comprises three tracks – Prophetic Basics, Prophetic Ministry and The Prophet, each conducted over 8-10 weeks. Practical assignments and breakout sessions are also incorporated into the curriculum, and students are required to be engaged in activation exercises within small groups.

If you missed this year’s run of the school, you can still join next year’s intake if you desire to be trained in the area of prophetic ministry. More details can be found at: school-of-prophets/


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