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Seeds of Our Inheritance

Reflections from student prayer times at the Bible College of Wales.

By Emma Louise Hooper & Ole Moller

Our hearts cry out for revival and the returning of hearts to Christ. This is the very bag of seeds that God has given us: to sow seeds of the gospel in all nations that every creature will hear the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The erosion of family values in the world with divorce, absent fathers, and abortions has seen the onslaught of the enemy targeting a fatherless generation, because of the anointing that is on them. In our time at the college, we had felt a powerful call to be spiritual ‘mothers and fathers’ to this rising generation, and to help others to walk into this anointing.

It was in one of the intercession times where Esther, our youngest member, sang out over the world map for the young generation to arise.

God directed us to the book of Jonah and illustrated to us of a younger generation that would be directed by God to be ‘vomited up’, to step forward in these last days. Our Dean sang prophetically over Esther, “From your belly, give it some welly, give your all and the people will say, ‘come and tell me about your King.” She represents the “Jeremiahs” who are not too young to be used by God.

Ole, our oldest member, had a word spoken over him that he was a type of Mordecai for Esther’s generation. He represented the generation who knows the Father intimately, who can ignite this passion for His name, in the generations that are rising to their places as radical lovers of our Most High King.

As the next generation goes forward, the older generation will be behind them to guide and support, calling them out through prayer and intercession. This is a beautiful picture of all generations working together for the reaping of the harvest that is coming in these last days.

It is our desire as spiritual mothers and fathers to disciple the young ones by sowing the seed of the Word of God into them and commissioning them to go out into the world to see nations turn to the Lord.

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