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HOPE+ was birthed from a collective response towards the question "What does Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday remind you of?". The youth organising team mused and the common thread that arose from our discussions was the theme, Hope.

Based on Romans 4:18, "contrary to hope, in hope believed", HOPE+ became an outreach event that sought to communicate that we have a hope that is “bigger” and “better” – Jesus Himself, even when natural circumstances seem to tell us otherwise.

In line with this theme, the designers on the team took inspiration from the Japanese's kintsugi trend — using gold to mend broken pottery. Similarly, our own lives are very much represented by broken pottery that can only be mended by the power of God and salvation (represented by gold). We are broken yet saved and made whole by the power of God. Once deemed hopeless, we can now be filled with hope. With this, we hoped that this would be more than just an evangelistic event for pre-believers, but also a renewal of hope for youths in Generations.

There were two on-site Generations services conducted for HOPE+ on 3rd April to cater to the safe distancing restrictions. We began with a game of Ice breakers, followed by an item by The Messengers (Generations' dance ministry) and then a heartfelt message preached by Isaac Ong.

There was definitely a weighty, tangible presence of God manifested in the auditorium from the time of Praise and Worship till the altar call. The power of the Holy Spirit was evident, with many youths responding to the message, lifting their hands to the Lord during ministry time. At the end of the day, we recorded a total of 33 newcomers, 6 salvations and 11 rededications. It was indeed a hope-full day.

Even though large-scale events are not permitted during this global pandemic, it gave us comfort and confidence to know that God can still use the five loaves and two fishes we offer to Him to touch and change the youths in these times. To that end, where hope seems lost, we know we have this anchor for our souls because our God is hope. The work of the Kingdom continues, and it is always an honour and privilege to serve the Lord. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!


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