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A New Lease of Life

“Mum, the doctor says you have acute leukemia, you have to come to the hospital immediately,” my daughter broke the news to me over the phone.

What started as a regular flu turned out to be much worse than expected. My condition deteriorated to a point where I couldn’t move, and my mouth was covered with a big ulcer. When I suffered from breathlessness, my daughter took me to the hospital to get a blood test done. To my dismay, I was notified that evening that I needed to return to the hospital to receive immediate medical attention, and I soon learnt that I had only a 22 percent chance of survival.

I chose to trust God for another miracle, believing that life and death belongs to Him.

The season that followed was very difficult. I had to overcome very strong cycles of chemotherapy and remained in the hospital for a total of two years. As a result of the treatment, I suffered from side effects that changed my physical appearance. My face became rounder, and I experienced severe hair loss. My appetite was poor, and I became very sad.

What hit me hardest during this period was the passing of my mother. Because of my critical condition, I could only be released from the hospital for a short time to see her. But by the time I could do so, it was too late. She had already breathed her last before I could say goodbye.

During this painful time, the only thing that kept me going was the Word of God. The Bible was my companion, and I would read it whenever I had the strength to sit up. Verses on healing would speak to me: Isaiah 53:4 (NIV) – “Surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering”; Psalms 107:20 (NIV) – “He sent out His word and healed them; He rescued them from the grave.”

I declared those verses of healing over my health and my life as I held onto the promises of God.

A year after the passing of my mother, my brother offered to be my bone marrow donor, and I was so grateful to be able to receive a transplant in September 2015. Shortly after the procedure, I was finally cleared to return home for recuperation. However, the ordeal was not over. While I was resting at home one day, I sat down at the dining table to have a meal and found to my horror that I had difficulty reaching for a spoon to feed myself. I soon discovered that I could not remember how to count, and I had lost memories of certain details.

“This is it, it’s time for me to leave this world and go to heaven,” I thought to myself.

I was immediately sent for brain surgery and the doctors found a tumour on the left side of my brain.

They said I had three months to live, adding that the continued growth of the tumour could become fatal if

left untreated. My only chance of survival was to go for radiotherapy, but with the risk of permanent brain

damage due to the size of the tumour which was larger than my fist. As I could be bedridden even if I lived, I

decided against receiving treatment as I did not want to be a burden to my children. Instead, I chose to trust

God for another miracle, believing that life and death belongs to Him.

My daughter and I had started attending Cornerstone Community Church at that time (2017), and I would

go down to the altar every Sunday to receive prayer for healing. My son also brought me to Victory Family Centre for weekly healing services. One day, the pastor who was preaching that day pointed at me and gave

me a prophecy. He said that one week ago, he had prophesied that a lady diagnosed with cancer would come

for the next service and God was going to heal her. He told me that the lady was me, and he continued to pray

for me every Saturday. For the next seven months, I received prayer for my condition on a weekly basis, and I

continued to believe in God for healing.

In May 2017, I went for an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, and the result showed that the tumour had

shrunk by 75 percent! I rejoiced with my family and gave thanks to God upon receiving the good news! The Lord had truly healed me, and my life was no longer in danger. And although I battled with a severe bout of pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit shortly after that, the Lord preserved my life and the infection eventually cleared up.

By June 2020, the tumour in my brain had shrunk to the size of a pen tip, 10,000 times smaller than the

initial size! Now, I am cancer free! Praise the Lord! The doctor attending to me said that I was a miracle,

and I truly am, by the mercies of God.

This journey has been so challenging. I could only have pulled through because of the grace of God and I am

so grateful to all the church leaders, and brothers and sisters in Christ who visited me and prayed for

me faithfully.

I thank my God — Saviour, Redeemer, and best friend, for He has given me a new lease of life.

Jesus is real. He died to save us and by His wounds we are healed. Whatever circumstances I may face, I know that life is worth living because Jesus lives!

Testimony by: Linda Low

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