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ACES School

ACES is the evangelistic arm of Generations, dedicated to awaken, commission, equip and send youths to plant school outreaches all over Singapore and to reach their spheres for Christ.

Growing up in Generations, talking, singing, and praying about revival is something we do frequently. It is in fact, the very heart of ACES Ministry – a ministry that seeks to awaken, commission, equip and send young people to share the good news. But what does Revival actually look like? Where do we find it?

Matthew 13:23 tells us that, “He who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

When we look back at revival history, we can see that every move of God was first birthed from a humble seed that God deposited in individuals. This is consistent through the Azusa Street Revival, 1904 Welsh Revival, and the 1972 ACS Clock Tower Revival. It is the same today. God is looking for yielded hearts to deposit His Seeds of Revival.

This year’s ACES School theme, “Seeds of Revival” was birthed out of the desire to give God room to do just that in the hearts of the youths. ACES school was designed for Geners to discover their own unique “seeds”, which may look different to every individual. Four different tracks were made available to facilitate that – Media, Missions, Schools, and Nation. Real-life stories of God moving in different spheres were shared at each Breakout session. Our guest speakers, Pastor Sabrina Low, Pastor Rachel Bulan, and Pastor Norman Ng, also challenged everyone to allow the Lord to use them as a channel of revival wherever they are.

Fast forward to Day 1, I (Sandra Tee) remember feeling such a sense of expectation and anticipation as we stepped into the first session. With every session that passed, God was doing a new work and moving in the hearts of the people. For some, God reminded them of dreams and visions they had received from years back, while for others, God gave them a fresh burden in their hearts for their pre-believing friends. I recall seeing a group of secondary school girls even taking their lunch break off to pray together for their school!

I was reminded that the goal of the Christian journey is never to chase after the manifestations, or even the signs and wonders, but it is to first seek the face of God.

What left the biggest impact on me was how God showed up on the last night of the three-day school (23-25 June 2022), encountering the youths in a way I had not seen in many years. Often, we get excited and overly fixated on the manifestations of Revival, but this time, it was different. Generations was encountering the Person of God, the God of Revival. I was reminded that the goal of the Christian journey is never to chase after the manifestations, or even the signs and wonders, but it is to first seek the face of God. And that was exactly what we did. No instruments, no squeaky clean preaching, it was just God meeting with His people. That was significant and powerful.

Ultimately, the seed of revival we so often speak of is not just about where or what we’ve been called to do. Instead, it is about knowing Him and allowing Him to impart His very heart into ours, and then faithfully carrying it wherever we go. Looking back, I’m just grateful to have been a part of this journey because God is definitely on the move here in Generations.


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