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An Open Heaven for Healing: CGN Conference 2021

As the CGN churches gathered virtually to hear a Word on Revival, the Lord ministered healing to hearts.

The global Covid pandemic warranted that we should take the Cornerstone Global Network Conference on-line this year. It was a precious time of receiving a fresh Word in season and encountering the Lord with our CGN pastors and church leaders. Held from 28-29 July over Zoom for the day sessions and via livestream in the evenings, the theme for this year was “Revival - Rend the Heavens”.

What God had prepared for us was truly amazing!

The line-up of speakers included Dr. Suzette Hattingh, Pastor David Ravenhill, and Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong. Each brought a unique message, ministering to hearts and encouraging the people to press in for more of the presence of God in their nations.

God is not restrained by the pandemic restrictions – for the Gospel is going out to a dying world that needs Jesus. He is opening doors and doing a new thing!

In line with the theme, Pastor David spoke about recovering the presence of God and knowing the times and seasons, while Dr. Suzette challenged us to see what God is doing and to partner with Him because He is moving now. Pastor Yang brought a fiery message about the coming revival, breakthroughs, and the call to obscurity.

God is not restrained by the pandemic restrictions – for the Gospel is going out to a dying world that needs Jesus. He is opening doors and doing a new thing!

We also had a team of faithful and gifted translators who helped to communicate what was shared in Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Telugu, Burmese, Spanish, and others, with a total of nine translators. At the click of a button, participants were able to listen to the Word in their selected mother tongue and this was certainly a blessing. Participants came from 23 different countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Japan, Africa, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom. In attendance for the live night sessions were about 1,200 participants.

There was an open heaven for God to move even though the meetings were held fully online. Many experienced a personal touch from the Lord, testifying of His love and healing during the sessions and ministry times. We also received several heart-warming testimonies to the glory of God during the two-day Conference.


Moved By God's Love

Pastor Deborah had received a vision of a mother with a five-year-old Asian boy and God wanted to assure this mother that He would take care of her, and that she could cast her cares on Him.

The backstory was that before the conference, one of the pastors from Cornerstone Bali had passed on just days before the Conference and his widowed wife, Mrs Elvira had insisted that she would still like to attend the CGN conference. She was then engaged in the ministry room to receive prayer, and it came to light that the vision was for this precious widow whom God loved.

She was admitted into the ministry room, and both opportunity and time collided for Pastor Deborah to share the Word of Knowledge with Elvira.

“Elvira was just in tears and moved by the love of God. I’m always so, so touched by the love and faithfulness of God for people. He alone is worthy of all glory, honor and praise!” said Pastor Deborah.

Healed From Neck and Head Pain

Another lady testified that when Dr. Suzette called out for healing over neck and head pain – God healed her instantly!

“I immediately appropriated the word of knowledge, laid hands on my neck and head, and claimed the word for myself. That night, I had the best sleep ever!” shared Yvonne Huang.

Prior to this, she had been struggling with severe headaches day and night, and even spent lots of money in search of suitable pillows to help her. “The power of an anointed word of knowledge sent by the Lord is so wonderful. I am so grateful and thankful. Thank You, Jesus,” she added.

More Lord, we are hungry for a fresh move!


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