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Behold, He Makes All Things New

By Ruby Goh

In December 2018, my husband and I led a team from the Chinese congregation on a trip to Israel. Right after spending time interceding at the western wall for the Jews, I met with a life-changing accident during the group’s camel ride.

This happened at a place where there was a steep cliff on one side and rocky terrain on the other. All the camels were joined together with ropes, and the whole contingent of camels started moving. Suddenly, there was a loose camel at the back that went berserk and charged at our contingent, going straight towards the camel I was riding. My camel got a shock and threw me off its back onto the rocky ground. I landed on my head and was bleeding all over, losing consciousness. Everyone on the team was very frightened, and some of them started crying. They were concerned whether I had broken my neck. Thankfully, my daughter had chosen not to ride the camel with me because she was afraid, so she was safe.

To everyone’s surprise, my husband (Pastor Samuel) knelt beside me in that pool of blood and decided to pray and praise the Lord. He just believed that God is worthy to be praised, and He would turn the situation around and trample on what the enemy had done.

Medical science could not explain what had just happened. But the Creator of the universe can make all things new no matter what science says.

I was taken to a local hospital, with cuts all over my face both internally and externally on the areas of my nose, right eye, and mouth. I also had a broken nose, broken teeth, and an upper lip that had split open. My face was so swollen that my daughter was terrified and did not dare to come near me. The doctors spent five hours operating on me while putting me on local anesthesia as they were concerned that I might go into a coma if they allowed me to sleep.

It was a serious surgery; I looked like there was a railway track of stitches all over my face after the procedure. Thankfully, the CT scan showed no other bruises or broken bones on other parts of my body. All my injuries were centered on my face.

I asked the Accident and Emergency doctor if I would “get my face back” and was told that the swelling might go away in one or two months, and the stitching and scars would probably fade off in one year. However, they were skeptical about my face returning to its original form. When I came back to Singapore and was referred to a plastic surgeon, he too could not guarantee that my face could be fully restored. I just wanted my face back, and that was my prayer to the Lord.

God answered me with yet another miracle! In less than two weeks, the swelling disappeared, and I started to see my face healing. In fact, within a month, I could no longer see the stitches that were on my face, and I no longer needed to go for surgery for my broken nose because the bone had healed itself!

Medical science could not explain what had just happened. But the Creator of the universe can make all things new no matter what science says. Nothing is impossible with Him!

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