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Biblical Worldview Training

With liberal values and culture permeating our society, issues like Cancel Culture, hate, discrimination, inclusivity in schools and diversity in workplaces and tensions around race are no longer unfamiliar.

Biblical Worldview Training was introduced in this year’s Training & Equipping curriculum to shed light on these trends and movements in light of Scripture. We had a total of about 500 participants coming from different churches and nations.

During the August semester, Brother Jason Wong expounded on God’s plan for a broken world from creation to redemption and how the beliefs of a Christian on life are fundamentally different from the world's. These include views on God, the existence of the spiritual realm, moral laws, the future and who is in control. Many cultural trends and issues of our day are founded on values that are in direct opposition to the Christian worldview, and therefore advocate a different way to approach life. An example would be the Critical Race Theory, which drives many movements today.

Building on this foundation, the students also learnt about the difference Christians can make in shaping culture, God’s design for the family and the basis for individual engagement in the public square. This awareness will help them to pray knowledgeably and share relevant information with their family and friends when the opportunity arises.

As we ask the Lord to uphold righteousness in our land and for our future, we want to also equip ourselves practically to be salt and light, to point others to the Hope of Glory.


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