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Bless Wales

Bless Wales 

The inaugural 2019 Bless Wales conference in Swansea, was birthed out of a desire to sow into the land of revivals and to see the local church arise to usher in a fresh move of God. In its second run last year, Cornerstone sent two mission teams out to pray and support the running of the conference that took place in May. We praise God for the many lives that were impacted by the conference, and most of all, His presence that filled the hall at The City Church, Swansea. Here are some of the thoughts and takeaways from volunteers who took time to serve at Bless Wales 2023. 


Here are some of the thoughts and takeaways from volunteers who took time to serve at Bless Wales 2023. 


Jacquelyn Elizabeth Ng 

Before our trip, our team gathered to pray for the nation of Wales. I was filled with anticipation as God had not just spoken to us individually, but we could see a more complete picture of what He was doing when we came together to share our revelations.  

During the trip, it was heartening to see hungry hearts and the perseverance of many who have been praying for revival in the nation of Wales. We met Grandma Mary who shared that she has been praying for Wales over the last 50 years and Grandpa Bryan who has been holding on to the promise that he would see the glory of God in his lifetime! Listening to these giants of faith and seeing their dedication to prayer really stirred my hunger to see revival come to Wales too.     

Our trip was also filled with interesting incidents. We found a nail stuck in our car tyre, but the miracle was that we did not have a flat tyre after driving for another hour on the highway! Even the mechanic was surprised by this! When our team was rushing to get to Ffald-y-Brenin just before the chapel service, we were amusingly delayed by a herd of cows crossing the road! It was assuring when He spoke to me that we would be just on time.   

Though I availed myself to serve His people, I found myself receiving more than I had given. New experiences that I would never have back home, a heart for Wales, and friendships with the rest of the team – these were the precious gems I took away! 


Clovis Tan & Elina Er 

Joining the Bless Wales 2023 Couriers team has opened our eyes to see what the Lord is using Cornerstone to do in the nations. The experience has helped us to truly embrace what it means to have a kingdom mindset. It is amazing how the Lord used a group of Singaporeans to organise an event to stir the hearts of revival in another nation. Furthermore, Wales is a nation that has the capability and resources to organise such an event for themselves as they have experienced revivals in the past. So why are we called to serve the people in the United Kingdom? I believe that the Lord is stretching and changing our mindset to love every nation as the body of Christ. God can raise anyone who is willing to change the hearts of His people in another country. It is our privilege to be a part of this mission and to witness Cornerstone fulfilling her calling and assignment in Wales.  


Eric Hoe 

To organise an event of this magnitude is not easy and I am glad that many came and put their hands to the plough. It was inspiring to witness the persevering and intercessory prayers of the pastors, leaders, the cohort of students from the Bible College of Wales, and the local churches involved, all carrying the same desire to see revival. The synergy of the volunteers, church staff, and the rest involved in the logistics was fantastic and I was glad to be a part of the team. Having three powerful speakers that each carried a different grace and anointing under the same roof, yet speaking in such alignment, was beyond words. I believe with all my heart that revival has already begun and will continue to gather momentum, and many will be swept into the Kingdom.  


Jerome Jude 

When I heard the call for volunteers for Bless Wales during the church service announcements, something stirred in my heart to sign up even though I did not know what to expect. I just wanted to obey the nudging of the Holy Spirit. I thought I was only going to the conference to pray for England and Wales, but I was blessed beyond my expectations. During the two days of training, I had breakthroughs in inner healing, and some of my prayers were answered. I also experienced physical healing and witnessed the healing of many people around me at the two-day conference. Most importantly, my cousin’s family members received their salvation when they came from London for the final day’s Healing / Open meeting. The Lord brought reconciliation between two of my cousin’s families who are living there! All in all, it was such a fruitful trip for me. Praise God! 



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