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Celebrating Cell Communities!

Cell Month is commemorated yearly in Cornerstone to celebrate our cell communities. This is where discipleship and life-change happens, where friendships are formed and how learning to love like Jesus begins. This year, Cells were invited to share testimonies and create vision boards together with their groups. This was a great bonding activity for the cells to get to know each other, and some also took the opportunity to showcase their creativity while preparing their boards. Since the pandemic, the way Cells have been run has evolved, yet the essence of community remains, and relationships continue to be strengthened through the tough times.

To all who came on board the Cell Community in 2022, a huge welcome!

On 23-24 July 2022, a carnival was also organised for cells and families to enjoy together. Featuring game stations, food, and prophetic stations, everyone had some fun with their loved ones after attending the weekend services at both Katong and Bugis.

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