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Come To The Table

Christmas celebrations were very different in 2020. Unlike previous years when large gatherings and festivities were commonplace, last year’s was much cosier. Come to the Table was an initiative to encourage Cornerstonians to invite others over for a meal during the festive period, while still complying with the Government’s directives. (five visitors per household before 28 December 2020, and eight visitors per household after) The events team crafted a starter kit with beautifully-designed postcards and outreach resources for all who participated.

It was a great opportunity to catch up, connect and share God’s love with family members, friends, colleagues or neighbours. Many took steps out of their comfort zones to do so!

Some invited neighbours they had not spoken with, while Cell groups extended hospitality to colleagues, friends and domestic helpers who were unable to return to their home countries due to the pandemic restrictions.

“My Cell held two dinners, and I invited my Korean colleague whom I’ve been wanting to reach out to,” Vivien Tan shared. “Despite attending Cell groups in Korea as a child, she said she had never felt that there was a true sense of community, and our Cell group showed her what being in a community felt like.”

The Come to the Table initiative truly inspired many to knock on closed doors, as well as open theirs to those around them.

“We invited the helpers from our church Cell group to come together and have a party of their own at our place,” Dennis Milner shared. “They have been wonderful help to our families especially during a tough year, so we just wanted to bless them.”

With presents prizes and funds contributed by the Cell families, four ladies visited his home and had a joyous time dancing, playing and feasting on their favourite Filipino dishes with his helper, Ate Jelyn.

Inspired by his gesture, other Cornerstonians also decided to bring some cheer to their helpers during the season of hope. As in Leviticus 19:33-34, let us share the love of God with foreigners that reside among us not just at Christmas, but all year round.


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