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Encountering Jehovah El Roi In My Battle With Cancer

In 2012, I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. It was a huge blow to the family because my husband had already been battling cancer for the last twelve years. My three children found it difficult to see both their parents going through tough trials, but it was the outpouring of His

grace and mercy that truly sustained us all.

On the night that I had the double mastectomy, I experienced a hot searing pain along the sutures, and I cried out to God. He instructed me to bind the pain and command it to leave my body in Jesus’ name. As I responded in obedience, I felt something move across my chest and arms as the pain went away!

Chemotherapy had very severe side effects on me – my legs became weak, and I could not walk for days. Anticipating that I would experience hair loss, I also had my head shorn. I was struggling to comprehend why I was in such a condition and started to examine my heart for unforgiveness, unresolved grief and sorrow. Had I not dealt with emotional pain long ago? Now, the Holy Spirit was beginning to reveal and uncover deeper layers of hurt that I had yet to discover.

Most days, I sat in the presence of Papa God to surrender to Him every negative emotion that the Holy Spirit showed me. Each time I did this, a divine exchange took place. God cleansed my soul and gave me a deep assurance that He was healing my body. He also gave me the keys to complete healing as I connected with Him more. Within six months, I could resume my normal routine and return to work and ministry.

Unknown to me, I had to battle with yet another health scare years later.

Five years on, I discovered I had colon cancer. I was leading the Freedom Ministry (Cornerstone Community Church’s healing and deliverance ministry) at that time, and some close friends asked if I had opened doors to the enemy, or if this was an attack of the enemy. They also asked if I had blamed God or lost faith in God’s healing virtue. My answer to all their questions was a no, but again, I made a conscious choice to bathe myself in God’s presence and to focus on His goodness by meditating on His word. Psalm 23 and Psalm 121 were key chapters in the Bible that kept me strong, and my trust in the Lord was not shaken by the two bouts of disease.

I continued to believe that God heals, and in fact, He strengthened my faith through my circumstances and showed me that I can always count on Jehovah El Roi, the God who sees us.

Although it was especially hard to deal with the situation when my husband’s condition was on a decline, our Almighty God gave us both more grace and mercy to walk through the emotional upheavals, physical pain, and

financial uncertainties.

When I had to undergo surgery to remove part of my colon, the procedure was not just successful, but the doctor also declared that I did not need to go through chemotherapy! God is amazing. Praise the Lord!

While my mind and body suffered much trauma from the whole process, I was reminded of the verse Romans 8:1, “the Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, He will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.” These same words also sustained my husband and me up till he went home to glory. In fact, God extended my husband’s life by seventeen years even though medical science predicted otherwise, and he led a full life, always joyous in the Lord.

I am very thankful to the pastors and leaders in Cornerstone who have constantly taught and carried the anointing for healing, as well as championed a culture of faith that believes in the power of God to heal every disease. To God be the glory and honour!

Testimony by: Mabel Tan-Loke

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