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Grow to Go! Cell Month

The Cell Month celebrations echoed throughout July as we gave thanks for our Cell Communities here in Cornerstone

We kicked off last year’s Cell Month by taking some time to appreciate our Cell Leaders for their labour of love, treating them to a drink specially made by the baristas from the Gen Space Café, lovingly served in a limited-edition Cornerstone collapsible mug.  

At our Katong campus, we were also treated to various game booths and a photo booth where we could come together with our Cell Members, family, and friends to have a bit of fun during the weekend.  

The theme for Cell Month, “Grow to Go!” also tied in nicely with the churchwide emphasis on evangelism last year. Equipped with handles picked up from the “Natural Evangelism” Corporate Cell Resource, our Cell Communities were challenged to put what they had learnt about evangelism to practice through three simple activities. 


Activity 1: Pray 

Praying for individual pre-believing friends and family members as a Cell Community and writing notes of encouragement based on what God revealed during the time of prayer. 


Activity 2: Care 

Coming up with ways that the Cell Community can care for or reach out to someone who has a need together. 


Activity 3: Share 

Organising an outreach as a Cell Community to share the Good News of Christ with someone!   


Cell 32.16 

 Our Cell volunteered with Cornerstone@ChengSan Active Ageing Centre to go door-knocking to reach out to seniors living in Cheng San. We were amazed at how this simple task allowed us to offer practical help to a senior we met. When we visited her home, she was sitting in darkness and holding onto a torchlight, waiting for her daughter to return. She requested for help as the circuit breaker had tripped and she was not able to reset it on her own. We were able to care for her and show her the love of God by helping her with this simple task. Stepping out and volunteering was also an opportunity for one of our Cell members to invite a pre-believing friend to join this Cell activity. 


Cell 41.22 

Our Cell decided to intentionally befriend and deepen the relationships with each other’s pre-believing family members during Cell Month last year. We took the time to pray for the members with pre-believing family members and visited four homes together. We also organised two badminton sessions and had one large social gathering at a Cell member’s home as part of our efforts to connect more with each other’s families. Overall, the Cell members who received these home visits felt very encouraged that they were not alone in reaching out to their families, and those who visited the homes were also very excited to make the connection. 


Cell 51.11 & 51.15 

We had an amazing time during the barbecues that our two Cells organised. It was a platform where we could invite and connect meaningfully with pre-believing friends we have been praying for and reaching out to. Our Cells have committed to praying, caring, and sharing the love of God with those around us. 


Cell 51.14 

We organised a potluck and invited those whom we had been praying for to join in. It was a very good time of meeting and befriending many new people. We believe many seeds were sown through this time of fellowship. Our Cell is encouraged to continue praying and meeting their needs wherever possible.  

To share God’s good news and love is part of the life of every disciple of Christ. As we grow in Christ-likeness, imitating Christ in His character and virtues, we must not forget that we are to also imitate Him in His works and lifestyle – and what better way than to Grow to GO in the community! 



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