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He is a Miracle Worker

When medical tests revealed that Vivien’s baby had Down Syndrome, God did the miraculous.

By Vivien Wong

In December 2020, we were told the good news that I was expecting. As I was above 40 years old, the doctor told me that I was at a higher risk of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome. Hence, I was advised to complete some blood tests to confirm that my baby was healthy.

On 15 February 2021, the clinic called and requested to see my husband, Han Hwee, and my heart sank immediately. “What could possibly be wrong?” I thought.

At the clinic, the doctor showed me the medical report. The test results revealed that my baby, Daniel, had a 99% possibility of having Down Syndrome and I recalled that my mind kept telling me "I must keep this child”.

On my way home in a cab, many thoughts raced through my mind, “Would we have the financial means and emotional resilience to handle such a child? Is this being fair to our elder boy since Daniel would be his responsibility when both Han Hwee and I are gone?”

As I was deep in thought, the music playing in the taxi suddenly caught my attention. “You split the seas so I could walk right through it, my fears are drowned in perfect love...." were the words of the song that was playing. In that moment, my fears melted away and I started to let the lyrics minister to my spirit.

I prayed that just as God had defied the laws of nature when He split the Red Sea to deliver Israel from the Egyptians, He would also perform a miracle for us. He can make this child whole and healthy regardless of what the medical reports say.

Our beliefs were being deeply challenged in a real situation like this, as I recalled reasoning with God about our "options".

In the weeks ahead, Han Hwee and I continued to pray for the healing of Daniel while I was constantly battling with fear. My mind told me that since we are Christians, abortion is out of the question.

However, I quickly realised that our beliefs were being deeply challenged in a real situation like this, as I recalled reasoning with God about our "options".

Eventually, I told Han Hwee that we must make the choice to keep Daniel as his parents, simply because we believed.

After speaking to close married friends who had also experienced similar challenging birth situations, Han Hwee and I decided that we would keep Daniel. When we made that decision, there was such peace in my heart. Even though fear still crept in every now and then, I could constantly go back to God.

Such an error is very rare in all my years of practice.

After some time, we decided to go for another test at the clinic to confirm Daniel’s condition. Two weeks later, the doctor confirmed through that invasive test at the clinic that Daniel was in fact alright! There were no traces of Down Syndrome to be found.

The doctor was very surprised and said that he was all ready to share the bad news with us since the first initial test we did was supposed to be 99% accurate. “Such an error is very rare in all my years of practice,” he said.

On 19 August 2021, Daniel was born whole and healthy in every way. The doctors confirmed once again that there were no indications of Down Syndrome.

As I pen this, we celebrated our little bundle of joy’s first month, a month ago, and it was without any complications. Han Hwee and I really want to thank God for this miracle.

Some may think that what we had experienced was a case of mistaken result in testing, but we truly believe that God met us when we called out to Him and He healed Daniel.

We hope that this testimony will encourage anyone who may be experiencing a similar situation to call out to God. He truly is a Miracle Worker!

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