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Kingdom Invasion Kids 2020

In view of the pandemic situation, Kingdom Invasion (KI) Kids went online, beginning with the Post KI-Kids Encounter on 4-5 June 2020, previously planned as a physical gathering. Brendon and Cathie Clancy spoke and ministered to the children, and the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of the children over the internet airwaves.

The annual year-end KI Kids Conference also took a very different shape and form in 2020. Hosted from a studio, the organising team created an engaging and interactive online experience for the primary school children through live role play and games. There were a total of 1600 children and 109 churches from 13 nations that gathered for the virtual conference from 1-3 December 2020, and we were honoured to have Will Hart, Dan McCollam and Bethany Hicks share the Word with the children.

What made 2020’s conference special was the opportunity to reach the nations. The churches, ministries and networks that could be part of the conference came from as far as Australia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Some of these participants gathered in groups to join the conference remotely, depending on the social restrictions in their respective nations.

You could see the smiles on their faces as they danced and waved excitedly over Zoom while they praised the Lord. Through the Word that was shared, these little ones also learnt what prophecy is and how to tune in to hear God’s voice. As the Holy Spirit moved, Will Hart released words of prophecy over the lives of the children, declaring that there would be dreamers in the midst.

Prophetic words were released to some of the ministries that were present, confirming what God had already been speaking to them about. One particular Children’s Home even received a word that it would be a Centre of healing and revival!

We celebrate the goodness of God through the year and look forward to all He will do in the coming season.


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