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Launch of Community+

In June this year, we launched Community+, the online ministry of Cornerstone Community Church. Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, with digital becoming the default mode of most communication, the leadership saw a need to share the love of Jesus with those who frequent the social media space, many of whom may never step into a traditional church setting.

Community+ hosts a weekly interactive online service every Wednesday, which begins with an open dialogue on real life issues and matters close to the heart before a time of worship and sharing of the Word.

Time is also taken to pray over those who send their requests in and to listen to the takeaways of those tuning in. Throughout the service, viewers can also pop into the virtual prayer room to receive ministry for any needs that they have. Many of those who have come through the zoom link received a touch from the Lord that spoke into their situations, leaving teary-eyed and even healed. Words of Knowledge had also been given to pre-believers who testify being amazed by the goodness of God. We hope to share some of these testimonies in time to come.

During the week, the Community+ team sets out to develop relevant seeker-friendly content to point people to Jesus over Instagram and to build authentic community using the Telegram. To date, there are about 2000 followers on the Community+ Instagram account and about 700 subscribers to the Telegram channel.

The majority of those who tune into Community+ are in their 20s and 30s, and some have taken this opportunity to invite their pre-believing or unchurched friends and family over to their homes to watch the service together. May the Lord draw many more to a personal encounter with Himself as we avail ourselves to be used by Him!

Tune in to Community+ LIVE on YouTube every Wednesday, 8.30pm or follow them on Instagram (@communityplusonline ) for relevant content that you can share with your friends and family.


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