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Leaders Commencement & Dedication Service 2021

Held over two services, the leaders and staff of Cornerstone Community Church dedicated themselves to serve the Lord in the New Year on 9 January 2021. Pastor Lip recounted the key events and milestones for Cornerstone in 2020, overcoming the challenges of the global pandemic and adopting new ways of doing things as we saw the opportunities God had opened in the midst of the difficulties.

Pastor Yang shared the takeaways we had from 2020 as a church. The pandemic taught us to slow down and to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit, to be filled by Him. We need to continue to press in for the deeper things of God and to abide in Him daily.

Through 2020, our services and messages also went digital as we adapted to circumstances. This opened doors and has led to an increase in newcomers who are now attending our physical services since we reopened. Cornerstone has also grown in influence over the past year, and God has given us opportunities to take the lead in a number of national initiatives.

He also spoke about the prophetic vision for Cornerstone this year, which he further elaborated during Global Vision Sunday 2021.

Following this, Pastor Daphne gave an exhortation on a culture of discipleship and what it entails, encouraging the leaders and shepherds present to press on in the new year.

To conclude, 57 new leaders across the different congregations were then installed and blessed. Everyone who attended took home two custom-made Cornerstone reusable face masks with the words “faith over fear” and “overcoming grace” - to remind ourselves to look to the Lord even in difficult times!


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