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Overcomers: Testimonies from the Bible College of Wales

The word ‘overcome’ translates to the word ‘conquer’ and is the verb ‘nikao’ in the Greek language, which means ‘to win in the face of obstacles, and to prevail’. This was the theme for the Bible College of Wales Spring 2022 class, and many of them learnt not only to ‘conquer’ their giants, but to surrender their lives to the Lord in their three months at the School of Ministry. Here are their testimonies:

I came to the Bible College of Wales with much uncertainty in my heart. Having left my job, I was unsure of what to expect in these three months and what my next steps would be. Little did I know, this was God’s way of calling out to me, to show me His relentless love in my return to Him. It was a time of unlearning who I thought I knew God to be, and rediscovering who I am in Him. It marks a new beginning, as I walk the days ahead in greater confidence, to uncover all that He has for my life.

Belle Chai • Singapore

God reminded me that I was still an infant who needed to grow in righteousness and knowledge. With that, I chose to attend the BCW and held onto the word “renewed” which I shared during orientation. Having been a Christian for many years, it is a season of falling in love with Jesus and His Word once again, hungering for more of Him, and rediscovering my gifts. It is a privilege to worship and intercede, and with prophetic words spoken over me, I am getting some clarity in my calling. May my old man die more as I march ahead in confidence of who God is to me.

Vignette Ooi • Singapore

I came here as the Lord had spoken and nudged me in the direction of the Bible College of Wales. He opened the doors and provided the fees to be paid. Since being here, I set out to integrate and grow deeper into Father God, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through frequent interaction with all the staff and my classmates. I enjoyed my time at the college reading, studying, and speaking scriptures, believing that God will direct my path and that of others.

Thomas McGrath • Scotland

God used a previous batch’s magazine left behind in a church to prompt me to apply to the Bible College of Wales. One weekend, I visited and prayed on the grounds of the college and He shone a light into my fears, and so I took a step of faith to come. He was faithful to provide the strength that I needed throughout the three months. To fellowship daily with such a fantastic batch of students and staff has just been so sweet and I did not leave the same person who came in. He has renewed my mind (Romans 12:2) and given me a new heart (Ezekiel 26:36).

Melanie Sarah Hutt • Wales

I came to the Bible College of Wales in search of a new beginning, to seek God and to be led where He wants me to go. Though I had second thoughts, I felt that God had planned something for me here. I literally felt that I had been living in darkness, but God slowly guided me to the light through my time at the college. I am so thankful and blessed that I came because it really transformed my life. I am now ready to go where God leads in my next season.

Steves Spurgeon • Singapore

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