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Reaching Families and Children in the MacPherson Neighbourhood

Cornerstone Community Services (CCS) has been making headway at the MacPherson area this year by working with new partners like MacPherson Community Centre and the Residents’ Committees (RC) to organise several family-friendly events and activities at Circuit Road.

A recent event that took place on 1st October 2022 was the Children’s Day Carnival organised by CCS in collaboration with MacPherson Zone A RC. With the support of corporate sponsors and 26 volunteers, the carnival drew a crowd of 79 children who participated enthusiastically in the interesting games, activities and food booths put together by the volunteers. They also had the opportunity to redeem prizes using the points they collected at the end of the event.

Goh Yun Xi, a 26-year-old preschool teacher, was one of the lead volunteers who signed up with her Cell to organise this carnival. She shared that the process of planning and executing the event had been fruitful and meaningful for her Cell. “I felt that we really bonded as a Cell through this shared experience. It also brought out the various talents and giftings of my Cell members, and I believe everyone caught a glimpse of God’s heart for the children. It was heartening to see the children having fun, enjoying themselves, and feeling valued and loved on their special day,” she said.

Lew Mi Yih, Executive Director of CCS shared that SG Cares had identified a need for children’s programmes and services at the MacPherson area, where one of the largest clusters of rental flats in Singapore are located. As such, CCS stepped in to organise their first family carnival there in June 2022, and recently started a reading programme for pre-schoolers in October. This reading programme is part of a new initiative called the Cornerstone Achievement Programme (CAPE), scheduled to launch in February 2023. “Together with our volunteers and partners at MacPherson, we will provide a safe and nurturing environment with enriching programmes for children to develop holistically,” added Mi Yih.

About Cornerstone Achievement Programme (CAPE):

CCS started the Cornerstone Achievement Programme (CAPE) to give children from underprivileged backgrounds an opportunity to shine and excel in life by fostering a culture of learning and reading. Under CAPE, children can join two clubs. The Busy Bee Club caters to kids aged 5 to 6 years old, featuring a healthy breakfast with games, songs, storytelling and reading activities. The Caterpillar Club on the other hand, organises activities like reading, homework sessions, and board/outdoor games targeting kids aged 7 to 12 years old. Volunteer recruitment has commenced and you may register or find out more by sending an email to


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