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Staying Connected During Circuit Breaker

During the circuit breaker period, the pastoral team reached out to 3200 Cell members via phone calls and extended care to older members of our community, especially to those vulnerable, sick or living alone. It was heart-warming to hear testimonies of God’s goodness in this season.

Strong Community of Love within the Cell groups Cell members gave thanks for the opportunity to stay in contact with their Cell groups through online meetings and video calls. By regularly checking in on one another via text messages and phone calls, relationships within the Cell communities were strengthened.

This was not limited to the younger ones as reportedly, one Cell member whose group comprised of folks 60-years-old and above shared that they had been pairing up to call and pray for each other daily!

Several Cell groups also combined resources to encourage and assist struggling members who had been badly hit by this crisis in various ways. The support rallied within the Cells is a demonstration of God's love in action through God’s people.

Many have expressed that they missed gathering physically in Cell groups, and the strong connections caused many to realise how important it is to be part of a Cell community!

Making a Difference - A Personal Touch

Members were very touched to receive a phone call especially during this Circuit Breaker period and they were glad to have their queries answered immediately at the point of contact. This was especially so for our senior members who required technical assistance to access our our social media platforms (YouTube and Facebook) so that they could watch the weekend services online. They also received prayer support and learnt how to give their tithes and offerings online.

The personal connection made through these calls enabled the staff to gather feedback and to provide practical help and ministry to members during the time of crisis. It was important that no one fell through the cracks, especially those with immediate needs. The Pastoral Ministry teams actively reached out to the vulnerable and the elderly who are were sick or living on their own.

"I just received a care call from Pastor Deborah. It is such a blessing to be part of such a caring community of believers, a family that stands together in these times. Hang in there everyone!”

"I received a call from Marve, who checked in earlier in the afternoon. This is a commendable effort by the Church to give that personal touch to every member and i really appreciate the call. Do send my regards to the team to encourage them. What they have been doing matters. "

Special arrangements were made to deliver a gift to our senior members of the church and those who received it were truly blessed!

“All the contents were perfect. I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing the communion elements, Kaya and Kueh Baulu. These were items I had in mind to purchase and the Kueh Baulu is my favourite afternoon snack! God has provided through Cornerstone. He is all knowing, and he knows all of my needs. Ever so thankful to Abba Father, our Jehovah Jireh! We Bless Cornerstone, that multiplication will come to this House! Thank you Cornerstone!” - Daisy

“Please thank the Pastors and Staff for the very thoughtful gift. Really uplifting! I was just thinking of stocking up on communion elements and I found it in the gift! Please convey my love and appreciation!” – Ruby

“Thanks for your kind wishes and for blessing me with the lovely care gift basket. I am so touched by the church’s thoughtfulness and receive the prayers and blessings.” – Patsy


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