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The Gen Cup 

Under the radiant sun in the clear blue sky, the youths from Generations poured into Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) for the second edition of Generations’ Sports Day on 2 September 2023. 

Chatter and laughter filled the air as Geners took their seats in the stadium for the opening ceremony. The popping of streamers and the sounding of air horns by our pastors signalled the commencement of The Gen Cup 2023, followed by a mass Zumba session led by the Generations Dance Team.   

After warming up, the battle for the trophy began. The zones competed in the first game – a relay race with a twist! Players raced around the track while completing tasks like wearing cardboard big feet and acupressure slippers, as the crowd cheered them on.  

The relay race was followed by round-robin games which dispersed the exuberant Geners to different locations for four main games: Furoa League, Captain’s League, Strongman League, and King’s League. Furoa League and Captain’s League were the traditional games of floorball and captain’s ball, respectively, while Strongman League and King’s League presented fresh challenges. To win Strongman League, Geners needed to persevere as a team to carry sandbags across a fixed distance and attain the highest number on their side at the end of the game. For King’s League, Geners had to adapt to surprises from “wildcards” during a game of Futsal.   

In the mini-games area, Geners engaged in ‘Counter Shaker’, ‘Bola Tin’, ‘Scissors Paper Stone’, and ‘Chopsticks Bean’. ‘Counter Shaker’ saw youths shaking their bodies to get ping-pong balls out of a tissue box tied to their waist. ‘Bola Tin’ required Geners to knock down tins with a tennis ball. The youths also used a toy hammer to hit their opponent after winning at ‘Scissors Paper Stone’ and put their chopstick skills to the test to transfer beans from one plate to another in ‘Chopsticks Bean’. Alongside the games, there were treats like churros, nachos, Milo, and 100-plus drinks for everyone to enjoy.  

The grand finale of Gen Cup 2023 featured an intense finale of Name Tag Removal and a prize presentation ceremony, concluding a memorable day of fun and fellowship. Truly, this fun day would not have been possible without the enthusiastic parent volunteers and former Geners who came down to serve with joy. It was truly a day to be thankful for! 



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