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Gen Space Party

To commemorate the 6th month since the launch of the Gen Space, ‘The Gen Space Party’ was organised in May to celebrate God’s goodness and for the youths to invite new friends. Beyond its primary purpose of celebration, the team aspired for the event to create an inviting atmosphere, one in which newcomers could comfortably forge authentic connections. 

In a generation where the quest for authentic connections and real answers run deep, ‘The Gen Space Party’ was a platform to allow for just that. We wanted to explore how we could introduce Jesus in a non-threatening manner and make evangelism fun.   

The party was an event that broke away from the conventional form of evangelism, with fun, food, and friends as the main drivers leading up to the sharing of the gospel. Often, coming for a church service can be an intimidating thought for newcomers, but events like ‘The Gen Space Party’ made inviting and connecting with new friends less daunting for Geners. We wanted them to know that they can reach this generation where they are at. Evangelism does not have to be scary or difficult! 


There was a whole line-up of activities such as the blessing draw, games, and performances, which led up to a time of testimony sharing by one of our Geners. She shared about her journey in overcoming depression and how Christ came to redeem her. While the fun aspect of the party welcomed people into the space, the authentic and vulnerable sharing felt like a warm embrace from God the Father. 


It was a powerful time as we saw how having fun and sharing the gospel could be combined so beautifully to provide a wholesome experience for our new friends. Two newcomers even came forward to share with us how the authentic sharing was relatable and that it really encouraged them in their personal struggles with their mental health. We believe this is what the current generation desires – to connect deeply and yet know that this journey of faith is not dull, but exciting! 


Through the party, 70 new friends were introduced to the gospel, and we believe that many seeds were planted in their hearts. Bill Johnson put it like this once – ”We owe the world an encounter with God”. Truly, we need to be faithful to plant the seeds and trust God for the increase. We are but co-labourers in God’s kingdom; and we do owe the world a debt of love. May we be steadfast in our commitment to labouring and creating opportunities for this generation to discover who Jesus is! 



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