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WORTH - Christmas Production 2023

The story behind Worth, last year’s Christmas drama  

A father’s love prompts Uncle Henri to action when he encounters a stranger by the name of Chloe, who was about to end her life. He becomes God’s vessel in changing the course of Chloe’s life. Through the encounter, Uncle Henri himself finds the courage to face the loss  of his daughter to cancer, and allow God to heal his heart. The drama touches on the themes of mental health, suicide, terminal illness and loss, to stir us to answer the call to be salt and light to the world, conduits of His healing balm to peoples’ needs today. 

The cast members share their personal journeys and how they were impacted by serving on the set:  

Joseph, played Uncle Henri 

“WORTH is a deeply personal story that in many ways resonates in various aspects of my life. Like the character of Chloe, I suffered most of my teenage years due to an abusive background, which left me in deep trauma. Despite that, God had always placed a Uncle Henri in my path in the form of friends and mentors who had a positive effect on me in my crisis seasons. Because of God’s healing, I am, today, a mental wellness advocate personally and professionally.  

Quoting from Uncle Henri’s daughter’s final letter to her father: “Our challenges can inspire others to overcome theirs. Our messes can become messages that inspire hope. We can make a difference to those around us, Dad.”   

Our experiences can serve as an inspiration to others to overcome their challenges and inner turmoil. The key is learning to open up and be vulnerable to others – that is the critical first step for anyone to be used by God.” 


Priscilla, Crew member 

I joined Cornerstone Productions thinking that ministering to others through drama would be a wonderful way to spend the Christmas season, but little did I know that God had other ideas that would start my own healing journey.  

One year ago, I lost my father to cancer suddenly. While I had the opportunity to spend time with him during his last 6 months (time we hardly had), our interactions never reached the depth that my heart yearned for in a father-daughter relationship. Unknown to me, there were still unresolved issues within  me after my Dad’s passing.    

Fast forward to the production, I felt deeply connected to some of the drama scenes depicting the loss of Uncle Henri’s daughter to cancer, and it tore me up during rehearsals.  

The turning point came at the final rehearsals when the cast read lines from the script demonstrating love and affirmation, it felt as though my father was saying those words to me. I knew he would have felt those emotions in his heart for me, but being an Asian father, he preferred to show love through actions over words of love and affirmation. God used those moments to start healing a fracture in my heart I was unaware of. I felt God the Father’s love envelop me that He would design this season to shine a light into my heart and begin His healing. 


God used Worth to start restoring broken and wounded lives  

During the Christmas season, we were so encouraged by the testimonies that poured in after different people watched the drama. 

God moved and intervened in the lives of those who were mentally and emotionally wounded: 

“An ex-student of mine shared that the play really touched him. He lost his father to suicide when he was young, and he had also entertained that idea through the very tough times. He was encouraged that the church acknowledged and spoke about this.” 

“My friend connected with the character of Uncle Henri. Before she became a counsellor, she was depressed and suicidal. Coming from a broken family, she had sought the pleasures of the world to fill the void in her life. At that low point, she met a couple who walked with her in turning her life around. Today, my friend is a counsellor herself, and is reminded of her purpose of helping others.” 

For anyone who missed the production, you can still watch WORTH on Cornerstone’s YouTube Channel. If you are struggling to cope with your mental health and on the verge of giving up, we encourage you to talk to a trusted friend, loved one or a professional  for support.   

You are of great worth, more than you imagine   

In your darkest moments, God is right there next to you. He sees you, He will save you, because you are so precious to Him. You can come just as you are. 



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